February 2019

February is a wonderful month. On the 5th of February 2019, the Chinese New Year, in the name of the Earth Pig, was launched, which is said to be particularly beneficial for promising investments, promising us all a year full of good luck, outstanding earnings and merit. Also this is a year of friendships and love.

Finally the temperatures are getting warmer and spring is approaching! The sun shines on us and not only warms our bodies, but also our soul and fills us with joy and happiness.

Loving sunshine as I am, I have used these glorious temperatures to hike with the dogs in the forest and along the rivers Wipper (a tributary) and Unstrut (a 2.066,67 Sq Ft long tributary of the Saale) at the end of the road go hiking, say good-day to the ducks, swans, fish and horses and visit the chickens and rabbits of our neighbors.

Also, I was once again allowed to visit the more than 150 sports pigeons of my neighbor and sports friend, Mr Schmidt, in the pigeon house, who have already won countless prizes and can scarcely save themselves from the gold and silver trophies and medals! Mr. Schmidt has been breeding professionally since 1957. His pigeons are released every year in Paris - France and they fly home all the way from about 8.611,13 Sq Ft, all by themselves! The first pigeon egg of this year was laid on 25.02.2019 and so is also provided for future generations of future generations. The most expensive pigeons in Mr. Schmidt's dovecote cost more than 1,000.- € each. He buys his pigeons all over Europe, including in the Netherlands, ... A fascinating thing for me at least!

The very special surprise, however, I was able to experience when I was one morning in the yard at breakfast, with fresh homemade flatbread, eggs from the chicken coop and organic jam from fruits of their own farm and a complete flock of sheep, with a new-born and just 4 days The old lamb marched through the yard and then walked along the road uphill to the cherry orchards at the edge of the forest to browse for a few days.


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