Her Name

Very often Pandora Michèle Lorenz is asked what her name means and where it comes from: The name "Pandora" comes from the Greek mythology, "Michèle" is the French variant of the name Michaela, originally comes from the Hebrew and means "who is like God "and" Lorenz "is the Germanized form of the Latin surname Laurentius.

Her Family

Almost her entire family lives in the US, from Washington DC, via New York and Los Angeles, to Texas. This is how Pandora Michèle Lorenz grew up with the English language as her native language.

Her mother was an international diplomat, working for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Washington DC and the UN United Nations Headquarters in New York (the main United Nations headquarters). Today she is retires and studies art at the University of Los Angeles. She has foreign language skills in 5 languages, is a passionate artist, with a focus and nearly lifelong education in international arts, carpet weaving, oil painting, charcoal painting, sculpturing, music & singing, .... She had several own art exhibitions. She is also a collector of antiques and a great lover of the sciences, philosophy, literature, poetry, astrology, art & art exhibitions, culture, nature, gourmet delicacies, fashion ...!

Her father lives in Germany. Has been active as a computer engineer and businessman, for large international companies. He is also a passionate collector of antiques, rarities, cars, real estate, especially beautiful rare things, ...

Pandora Michèle Lorenz

She was born in the Chinese zodiac in the year of the tiger, lunar ascent horse, in the astrological sign of the Gemini. She spent her early childhood together with her mother and her family in Washington DC - USA, as well as in New York - USA and came to Germany to her father in the age of 8. She grew up with three main languages (later followed by further studies in a total of 7 languages, including: English, German, Farsi, Arabic, Ancient Greek, French, Italian). She attended private schools, as well as the "German embassy school" abroad.

Art has been since her early childhood a highliy important part of her life and plays a particularly important role in her daylie life until today. Several of her family members had studied art and art history at the universities in the United States. So she has been from her earliest childhood to the present day always in contact with art and studdied in various arts as well as poetry and music (such as painting with charcoal and oil painting, silk painting, stained glass, color theory, ... Photography and image development, graphic design, image editing, ... doll making, sewing, various handcrafts, pouring candles, working with Fimo, ... make-up artist, ... carpet weaving and knotting of silk carpets, jewelry making, ... drama, different dances, singing, instruments and much more) nationally and internationally trained and intensively taught by private teachers and schools, over the years!

This was followed by her own jewelry and art exhibitions.

In the Middle east, India and South America, she was recognized by very wise teachers and intensively trained over years into her innate gifts, such as energy working, medial skills, ... as well as in various meditation techniques. For many years she has conducted her own meditation and motivation seminars abroad, focusing on activation of self-healing, inner balance, stress reduction, self-knowledge, building self-esteem, positive thinking, contact with one's inner self, letting go and saying goodbye to deceased, ...

Currently, Pandora Michèle Lorenz is based in Germany, with regular extended stays to the USA, to visit her family and friends, or on longer intense adventural trips through the other continents of the world, for the maintenance of international friendships and contacts, a better understanding of foreign countries, people and cultures.

Among other things, Pandora Michèle Lorenz has become known through numerous TV appearances, radio interviews, and as a model for print magazines and the new media.

Her project partner is Mr. Lucas Javier Ayala, whom she met in Miami - Florida - USA. He is a native of Argentina and descends on the mother's side from the tribe of Argentine Guaranie Indians.

His ancestors and family members were partly engaged and internationally known personalities, such as "Eusebio Ayala", President of Paraguay in the years 1921 - 1923 and 1932 - 1936; and "José Eligio Ayala", President of Paraguay in the years 1923 - 1924 and 1924 - 1928; as well as his cousin "Roberto Ayala", captain of the Argentine national football team until 2006, he has already played in several World Cups worldwide with his soccer national team.

L.J.A. himself studied at the University "Business Administration" and later "Fine Arts in Motion Pictures and TV Production", "The School of Communications at the University of Florida in Miami - USA", and "Acting and improvisation" in "The" Actor Studio "- "Sherry Faith" in Miami - Florida - USA together with the American superstar & actor "Michael Pitt".

L.J.A. has worked during his professional career as a successful Radio & TV Show Producer, Advertiser, Actor, Screenwriter (Film & Comedy Author), Cinematographer, Director, Audio Visual Specialist, Performer, Expressionist, ...

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