Welcoming by the host Free parking Luggage can be parked if guests leave early or late
Access at the property at any time Separate entrances in the hallway, or directly from the courtyard Lockable guest areas
Long term stays are possible Stoves for wood and coal (firewood and coal not included) Courtyard in the outdoor area
Private living room or dining room Workstation for laptops & extra guests office space Free Wi-Fi
Bed linen Extra pillows & extra blankets Towels
Hairdryer Soap & toilet paper Shampoo and shower gel
Wardrobe Hanger Iron & ironing board
Hot water (water boiler) Washing machine Detergent for an additional charge of 1.- €
Community kitchen Crockery & cutlery Pots & pans
Oil, sugar & sweetener Salt & pepper Tea & coffee
Fridge Electric stove with oven Kitchen stove with oven for wood & coal
Fire bowls (firewood not included) River courses, fields & meadows at the end of the road Forest about 5 minutes walk away
Extinguisher First aid kit  


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Artillusion Manor - Herrenahus der Künste!
Presented by Pandora Michèle Lorenz . Schulweg 1 & 2 . D-06577 An der Schmücke - Sachsenburg
Phone: +49-(0)34673-78 40 57 . Mobile: +49-(0)163-399 99 98 . E-Mail: