Highway Heldrungen - approx. 5 min. away
B86 - right at the street

Erfurt - about 35 minutes Weimar - about 45 minutes Nordhausen - about 30 minutes
Leipzig - about 1 hour Jena - about 1 hour Gera - about 1 hour
Halle - about 50 minutes Göttingen - about 1,20 hour Kassel - about 1,30 hour
Berlin - about 2,5 hours Frankfurt am Main - about 2,5 hours Nürnberg - about 2,5 hours
Hannover - about 2,5 hours Dortmund - about 3 hours Bremen - about 3 hours


Welcome to the small rural paradise, in "An der Schmücke - Sachsenburg", right in the heart of Germany!

This location is about 35 minutes from the traditional capital city of Erfurt, about 45 minutes from the cultural city of Weimar, about 1 hour from Leipzig and about 1 hour from Jena and is located directly on the Thuringian gate.

In Sachsenburg, the Wipper (a tributary) flows into the Unstrut (an approximately 192 km - 119,30 miles long tributary of the Saale). Due to its particularly strategic location on the Thuringian Gate, castles for monitoring the traffic route from Erfurt to Magdeburg were built in the early days. Thus, in the 12th century, the "Lower Saxony Castle" and in the 13th Century, the "Upper Saxony Castle".

Located in the heart of Germany, surrounded by beautiful hills, fields, rivers and forests, you will find here in addition to a lot of beautiful natural romance, wildlife, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, clear starry sky, ... also year-round fairy tale landscapes and all sorts for city dwellers sometimes unusual Everyday events that master the locals with ease and serenity!

Flocks of sheep visiting the garden; Mushrooms, berries and firewood collect directly in the forest; Fresh eggs for breakfast from the neighbor's chicken coop, prepared on an antique kitchen stove; Plums from the trees of the historical plum avenue; Cherries, strawberry fields, raspberries, blueberries, ... apples and pears, straight from the tree to the mouth; Healthy organic vegetables from the field; Organic cereals; Sausage & meat products of naturally grown farm animals and farm slaughtering, by the butcher directly on the farm; ...; Hiking; Fishing; hunting; Riding, as well as riding and jumping tournaments; Skiing and international sled dog races (about 1 hour away); Biker & motorcycle tours through the Thuringian Forest; Swimming in the lakes; ...!

Back to nature and back to the roots, to the origins, in an environment where time seems to stand still and hectic and stress seem to play no role! The natural instincts are strengthened by the life in and with nature and the creativity unfolds to maximum forms.

Here you can lean back, relax and unwind!

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Artillusion Manor - Herrenahus der Künste!
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