01. Erfurt - capital of the state of Thuringia. In Erfurt Cathedral, dating back to the 8th century, the theological author of the Reformation, Martin Luther, was ordained a priest. Next to the cathedral is the Gothic "Severikirche" (church). In the "Augustinerkloster" (monastery) Martin Luther lived as a monk. On the Krämerbrücke over the Gera are medieval houses and shops.
02. Weimar - Known for the era of Weimar Classicism, a humanist-cultural movement. The "Goethe and Schiller" memorials in front of the "Deutsches Nationaltheater" (German National Theater) are reminiscent of the two poets who lived in the city. In Goethe's residential building, which is a Baroque-style building, is today the Goethe National Museum. The Schiller Museum is located next to Schiller's home. The Bauhaus Museum displays works by the architect Walter Gropius.
03. Krämerbrücke - The oldest secular building in Erfurt and is one of the city's most famous landmarks with its two-sided, closed bridge buildings with half-timbered houses. It is the longest continuously built with houses bridge in Europe.
04. Kyffhäuser Monument - The "Kaiser Wilhelm" National Monument on the Kyffhäuser (a low mountain range southeast of the Harz in the Thuringian Kyffhäuserkreis, ..., which reaches a height of 15.538,06 feet (473.6 m) above sea level and extends over about 43,50 miles (70 km²).
05. The Leaning Tower of Bad Frankenhausen - As the dominant landmark, the 500-year-old church tower dominates the spa town and is even more crooked than the tower of Pisa.
06. Possen - An 14.156,82 feet (431.5 m) above sea level high mountain of the Hainleite in Thuringia's Kyffhäuserkreis with a lookout tower (Possenturm) and a listed on the southeast adjoining plateau monument-protected ensemble of buildings and a park of the 18th and 19th centuries.
07. Funkenburg Westgreußen - The archaeological open-air museum Funkenburg includes the Germany-wide unique reconstruction of a Germanic settlement. The archaeological investigation of the fortifications from 1974 to 1980 is located on a striking mountain spur above the scenic Helbetal. It was inhabited from the 2nd century BC. until the early 1st century AD.! The plant was attached to the front and main wall, with palisades and trenches to the northwest. The tracks of 60 huts and about 500 pits were found.
08. Open Air Museum Königspfalz Tilleda - Tilleda is the only fully-excavated palatinate in the world to be the model of an early till highly medieval ruler residence (8th-13th century). In the open-air museum, the essential parts of this imposing complex were partially reconstructed at the original location. Stroll through the ruins of the royal representative buildings, take a look at the interior of a 11th-century street-romanesque residential building, admire the gilded royal horse jewelery, or enjoy a grandiose panoramic view from the heights of the impressive fortifications, and try a medieval mortar mixer., ...
09. Arche Nebra - A striking modern visitor center with astronomical exhibitions during the Bronze Age and the digital planetarium. On the Mittelberg plateau, about 1,86 meiles (3 km) from today's visitor center, the Nebra Sky Disk was found in 1999.
10. Aviation Museum Wernigerode (Luftfahrtmuseum Wernigerode) - Shows 55 restored aircraft and helicopters in four halls covering an area of approximately 64.583,46 Sq Ft (6000 square meters).
11. Clock Museum Bad Grund - A privately owned watch museum in the Lower Saxon town of Bad Grund in the district of Göttingen. In the center of the in the western Harz and in the national park resin located climatic health resort.
12. Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall in Derenburg - Here, experience, adventure, recreation, fun and culinary delights are united in one place. At the factory tour you will experience glass with all your senses. You will learn all about the origin and processing of the raw material glass and accompany the glassblowers close up in the production of hand-blown glass products, while you feel the heat of the melting furnace on your face, ...
13. Panorama Museum - The Peasants 'War Panorama is a monumental panoramic image, about the Peasants' War entitled "Early Civil Revolution in Germany". 14 meters high and 123 meters in circumference. Over 3,000 figures and 75 key scenes.
14. Harzköhlerei Stemberghaus - In the Köhlerhof you can learn more about this tradition-steeped craft and to watch the charcoal burner in their current work. In addition, cozy hospitality and Harz culture at the open fireplace, covered terrace and rustic beer garden, good food and drink to Köhlerart, ...
15. Zwergen-Park Trusetal - The 1.500 garden gnomes of the most diverse kind and size immigrated 1996 into the Trusetal. In the vicinity of Gräfenroda, the birthplace of the first garden gnome in 1872. Through a part of the approximately 53.819,55 Sq Ft (5.000 m²) park with gardens, a railway runs with tinkling, through a tunnel past an idyllic pond. The dwarf tree is currently the only dwarf tree growing in the dwarf park. A 22,97 feet (7 meter) high climbing rock invites you to alpine climbing.
16. mini-a-thür - This amusement park is located in the Thuringian town of Ruhla, in the immediate vicinity of the Rennsteig. This permanent exhibition is on a 18,000 m² site and shows detailed models in scale 1:25 of the Thuringian sights and buildings!
17. Modellbahn Wiehe - Belongs to the largest model railway in the world and is located in the North Thuringian town of Roßleben-Wiehe. With an indoor area of around 129.166,93 Sq Ft (12.000 m²) and a mere plant area of approx. 32.291,73 Sq Ft (3.000 m²).
18. Thuringian Zoopark Erfurt - The largest zoological garden in Thuringia. The total area of the zoo is approximately 63 hectares, of which approximately 48 hectares are zoologically exploited and the remainder is a protected landscape area.
19. Greifenwarte Falconry on the Rennsteig - Experience the fascinating hunters of the skies at a flight show in the bird sanctuary in Thuringia and admire their flying skills. As a special highlight, you will become a falconer yourself, when one of the birds of prey starts to fly from your fist.
20. Small Wartburg - animal park and petting zoo in Clingen.
21. Pullman City Resin - A unique western town in the Harz, with action packed western shows, cowboys & Indians, horses, bison buffalo, cattle, ..., authentic performances and a world full of experiences. Pillage gold at the Yukon or visit the Indians in their huts to learn more about the life and culture of the Wild West.
22. Brocken Express - With the Segway zum Brocken - Located directly in Schierke, at the foot of the Brocken, a very special Segway experience is offered here. A tour to the highest mountain in northern Germany.
23. Barbarossa Cave is a slag in anhydrite in Kyffhäuser near Rottleben. The cave includes wide cavities, grottos and lakes.
24. Baumannshöhle & Hermannshöhle - Two Rübeländer stalactite caves in the district of Harz. The Baumannshöhle, which has countless stalactites and stalagmites, is considered the oldest show cave in Germany. The most famous visitor and eponym for the largest cavity was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The named after him Goethesaal, Germany's only underground natural stage with the artificially created Wolfgangsee, is a fantastic backdrop for various occasions. In the Hermannshöhle you will also find playful sinter formations and picturesque stalactites, but with its deep ravines and a unique sparkling crystal chamber, the Hermannshöhle stands out significantly.
25. Iberg Dripstone Cave - At Bad Grund in the southern Lower Saxony district of Göttingen is a stalactite cave in the Harz. It lies in the limestone of a Upper Devonian Atoll reef of the Iberges. The walk-in part of the cave is 123 meters long.
26. Marienglashöhle - show mine in the Thuringian Forest. Consists predominantly of cavities created by gypsum and copper mining. The crystal grotto in the Marienglashöhle was discovered in 1778 and is considered one of the most beautiful and largest in Europe. Here you can see gypsum crystals up to 35,43 inches (90 cm) in length. These were dismantled and u. a. used for the decoration of images of Mary. In the lower sole is the cave lake.
27. Altenstein Cave - oldest cave of Thuringia, below the Altensteiner Park in the district of Schweina the city of Bad Liebenstein in Thuringia. It is considered the longest cave in Thuringia.
28. Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes - With colored stalactites. Tours in former slate mine with interactive adventure museum & fairy world adventure forest.
29. Heilgrotten Morassina, Schaubergwerk und Heilstollenkurbetrieb (Health Caves Morassina, mine ...) - A former Thuringian Vitriol mine in Schmiedefeld. Today it is a show mine with many stalactites of impressive splendor and variety of shapes, which even entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1996 due to its uniqueness.
30. "Erlebnis Bergwerk Merkers" Experience Mine Merkers - mine in about 1.640,42 feet (500 meters) depth. Adventure tours with a 13,05 miles (21 km) round trip on a team car. Here you will find details about potash mining and you can visit the underground storage of the so-called "Nazi Gold", the Crystal Cave and a Salt Mine Museum underground. The largest and deepest concert hall in the world, the so-called "Großbunker", is driven. The adventure mine Merkers is the anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage.
31. Adventure Mine Sondershausen - oldest navigable potash mine in the world. Fascinating "journey to the center of the earth". A mysterious, underground labyrinth with imposing mining and handling techniques. With a conveyor basket, 2.198,16 feet (670 m) depth in the mine and drive underground in a open truck. Boat trips on an underground lake, tunnel slide and locomotive route, ballroom and concert hall.
32. Besucherbergwerk Hühn - An honorable souvenir of mining set in 1990. Fully productive facility until 1991, offering visitors mining technology to touch.
33. "Besucherbergwerk Finstertal" Finstertal visitor mine - The "Finstertal" iron and brownstone mine was in operation from 1858 to 1934; since 1959 it can be visited as a teaching and visitor mine. To see over days: The tools and underground lights of the miners in the course of time, evidence of geological diversity in the Asbacher mountains, examples of mining traditions and the replica of a "Haspelkaue" with "Haspelgesenk" as a "gold and gemstone mine". Underground visit: 1.148,29 feet (350 m) developed mine building, tight chamber with compressor from 1919, geological break-ins in the corridors, unique colorfully fluorescent minerals and original miner's lights in action.
34. Visitor Mine & Waldgasthaus Schwarzer Crux - One of the largest preserved iron mines in Thuringia. 118,11 feet (36 meters) deep into the mysterious underworld of the mountain. It is a special feature in Thuringia, because it belongs to the small group of magnetic mines, which promoted extremely popular iron ore over the centuries. It is the highest quality and most productive iron ore deposit in the Thuringian Forest.
35. Show Mine Full Rose - show mine in Schortetal near Ilmenau in Thuringia. Machines and mining techniques that used to be used are explained in the guides.
36. Rabensteiner Stollen - A former mine in the village Harztor in Thuringia, where coal was mined. Since 1981 a visitor mine.
37. Schloss Sondershausen - This Castle was the residence of the princes of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen until 1918. The extensive facility has an almost 800-year-old architectural history with significant room settings. The current appearance of the castle largely stems from the classical transformation of the complex by the Berlin architect Carl Scheppig. The former princely seat with the castle and city museum forms one of the most important sights of the city Sondershausen and is accessible to visitors.
38. Schloss Kannawurf - Kannawurf Castle is a Renaissance castle and pearl of Renaissance architecture. Built in 1564 by George II., On property since 1539 in the family estate.
39. Burg und Schloss Allstedt - Allstedt is a historic town of international renown. 1200 years of history and an authentic Reformation site of the reformer Thomas Müntzer. Allstedt was one of the most important imperial palaces of the Holy Roman Empire.
The late medieval castle kitchen was one of the largest in Europe. Goethe has documented three acts of his important classical drama "Iphigenia on Tauris" in this place.
40. Schloss Altenstein - Altenstein Castle built in 1736 as a residential castle (country house) of the Meininger dukes and expanded after 1800 as a summer residence. It is located in a large park area, the Altensteiner Park.
41. Burg Liebenstein - Castle ruins Liebenstein is a former hilltop castle at 1.509,19 feet (460 m) above sea level. NN on the southwest slope of the Thuringian Forest. It is located north above the town of Bad Liebenstein on the castle hill.
42. Leuchtenburg - Hill castle at Seitenroda in Thuringia. This medieval castle complex is used for tourism and houses the exhibition "Porcelain Worlds" Leuchtenburg, a museum and as part of a modern extension of a projecting into the valley walkway of wishes. The castle grants on a widely visible mountain cone with a height of 1.295,93 feet (395 m) above sea level. NN a wide view of the middle Saale valley (Mittlere Saaletal) and the Thuringian woodland.
43. Burgruine Winterstein - Castle ruin Winterstein is a former moated castle in the center of the district winter stone of the city Waltershausen in the district of Gotha (Thuringia). The moated castle was built in 1307. In the castle area, with newly created castle park, is the castle ruins with considerable wall remainders.
44. Wasserburg Heldrungen - A late Gothic four-winged castle and fortress. The history of Wasserburg dates back to the 12th century. From 1512 - 1519, the reconstruction of the Renaissance moated castle and the construction of a huge weir with two trench systems.
45. Untere Sachsenburg & Obere Sachsenburg - The lower Saxony Castle & Upper Saxony Castle. This castle from the 13th Century, was in ancient times a strategically important point. The lower Sachsenburg (also called Hakenburg), is surrounded by forest located about 1.476,38 feet (450 m) southeast of the Upper Saxony Castle and the ruins of a hill castle. From the medieval castle are still the keep, parts of the ring wall and cellar preserved. From the castle ruins "Obere Sachsenburg" are still preserved the keep and the ruins of the palace.

Thüringer Pforte - The breakthrough of the Unstrut at Sachsenburg in Thuringia. The river here breaks through the hills of Hainleite and Schmücke, which terminates the Thuringian Basin to the north. The Thuringian Gate was guarded in the Middle Ages by the Upper Saxon Castle and the Lower Saxony Castle.
46. Avenida-Therme in Hohelfelden - Breathtaking water world. Leisure and family pool, with indoor & outdoor areas, whirlpools, pool bar, adventure slides, lazy river with waterfalls, beach volleyball field and table tennis, sauna worlds, wellness, ...
47. Kyffhäuser Therme Bad Frankenhausen - Swimming in 3.5% brine. On the southern slope of the Kyffhaeuser Mountains, located in the Sole Spa Bad Frankenhausen, the Kyffhaeuser-Therme invites you to relax and recover. The bathing area offers indoor and outdoor pools, giant slide, Roman steam bath and water attractions, such as wildwater canal and waterfall, sauna area with themed infusions, experience showers and the brine graduation tower, Dead Sea salt grotto, ...
48. Talsperre Lütsche - Lütsche Dam is a beautiful place! Bathing fun in the Thuringian Forest, surrounded by the forests of the Oberhof holiday region. The Lütschetalsperre is a popular destination for hikers, ... On the northern slope of the Thuringian Forest in the area of Frankenhain (Ilm district, Thuringia), about 12,43 miles (20 kilometers) southwest of Arnstadt and 21,75 miles (35 kilometers) southwest of Erfurt. It is the second largest water area in the Ilm district.
49. Rappbode dam - A dam consisting of waterworks, hydroelectric power station and reservoir in the Harz.
50. Harzdrenalin Megazipline - 393,70 feet (120 meters) above the precipice of the Rappbodetalsperre is the largest double rope slide in Europe!
51. Baumwipfelpfad Harz - On the 18 platforms of the approximately 3.280,84 feet (1.000 m) long path the guest will find nearly 50 different adventure elements, resting stations and interesting facts. Thematic tours to insects, nature or sunrise and sunset tours are only a small part of the annual program.
52. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rübelandbahn - The mountain queen, on rails for over 100 years!
53. Rennsteig - a 105,63 miles (170 km) long historic border path in the Thuringian Forest, Thuringian Slate Mountains and the Franconian Forest. In addition, the oldest and most-traveled long-distance trail in Germany.
54. Thuringian Forest - A up to 32.247,38 feet (982.9 m) high and over 1000 square kilometers large wooded low mountain range in the free State of Thuringia. A 43,50 feet (70 km) long and 12,43 feet (20 km) wide ridge mountain range, between the Werra valley near Eisenach and the valleys of Schleuse and Wohlrose southeast of Ilmenau.
55. Thüringer Schiefergebirge - Thuringian Slate Mountains are a maximum of 2851,05 feet (869 m) high low mountain range above sea level.üringer_Schiefergebirge/Obere_Saale
56. Trusetaler Waterfalls - The highest waterfall of the Thuringian Forest. It is located in the town of Brotterode-Trusetal.
57. Blankenburg (Harz) - A town in the district of Harz in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Since November 2016 it has been awarded the title of state-approved resort.
58. Goethe Chocolaterie - Show manufactory and much more!
59. Viba Nougat World - experience confectionery
60. Waldgaststätte Sennhütte Bad Frankenhausen - Forest restaurant
61. Wirtshaus Christoffel Erfurt - Tavern Christoffel in the City of Erfurt. The theme Restaurant with rustic medieval interior, dining in the vaulted cellar, with jugglers and knights, ... serves hearty home cooking and fresh meat from the grill.
62. Overseas Curry & More Erfurt - Best Burger & Curry menus in the area! Incredibly delicious!
63. Faustfood Erfurt - Extremely delicious indoor Grill restaurant! The modern, red and wooden beamed barbeque offers grilled sausage, rump steak, cheeseburger and much more!
64. Altstadtkneipe Noah Erfurt - Rustic insider tip and an absolute must! Simple food and a wide selection of beer, vodka, whiskey and rum varieties from around the world!
65. Dubliner Irish Pub Erfurt - Casual pub with beer garden offers burgers and Irish dishes, as well as weekly quiz and whiskey seminars. Saturdays there is from 22.00 clock karaoke in the basement of the pub.
66. Landesweingut Kloster Pforta - A state-owned winery, which belongs to the growing region Saale-Unstrut-Region. With 50 hectares of vineyards, it is the largest winery in the region.
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