For the love of historic real estates, I´ve bought several years ago this decay-threatening manor house and since then I´m investing every penny in this heart project!

It is a building with a soul and a centuries-old history, which if no one had taken care of it, was threatened with ruin, or even demolition and falling appart. That would be a true loss, because the memories of many families and entire generations are held here.

My goal is besides the protection, the revival and preservation of this historic robust building, which has already survived two world wars and has become part of the German history; to create an art project out of it, as a positive example for the generations to come.

Many of the locals associate memories of their childhood, youth or even stories of their parents, grandparents, ancestors, ... who once inhabited, farmed or worked in this or on this property.

The building fabric of this historic building and the materials used are robust and tedious, such as massive natural stones, sandstones, huge logs for the roof construction and clay plaster! One part of the building was built in 1700, the other in 1900 and is in no way comparable to a new building of our fast-moving, throwaway society and the comparatively inferior building materials used.

My wish would be the repair, renovation, restoration, construction, planting, as well as the salvation of this historic property.

This will also help to revitalize and create regional jobs for old craft trades such as smaller construction & craft companies, long-term unemployed and resin IV recipients, especially in this very rural region, since many of the inhabitants of this area have a great variety of particularly useful talents and knowledges, as well as training and are master craftsman in for example construction & crafts, tailoring, art painting, needleworks, gardening, ... but often don´t find any regional job opportunityes to provide themselves and their families.
After a comprehensive renovation, restoration and construction, the next step would be the choice of a, to this property and it´s construction and characteristics suitable, reuse such as a fundus; Event Location; Studio or location for taking photos, video- or filmproductions; as a museum; art studio, exhibition or sales rooms for artists and creative minds; Production rooms; Rehearsal rooms for musicians; Training rooms for dancers and for planting Fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers; ... in the yard.

With the revenue generated, more historical buildings could be purchased and rescued from falling apart and saved from decay and demolition! This contributes to the beautification of the cityscape in the individual towns in which these buildings are located and attraction of regional as well as nationwide tenants or prospective buyers.

Promotion of tourism within Germany to attract foreign as well as domestic tourists, especially in the beautiful, mostly still relatively unknown, rural and natural areas and small villages in Germany, where culture and traditions are still alive and well and where holidays still cost relatively little.

For example for vacationers, stressed or overworked city people seeking peace and relaxation as a balance to the stressful work routine, retirees or families who want to experience life in a healthy, clean environment of a small rural natural paradise and let their children grow up healthy and organic.

Merging of already existing and new!

For the implementation of these projects larger financial resources are required, for example for the rescue of buildings threatened by decay with great potential for revival for use and conservation; the renovation, restoration and construction; the required governmental approvals and reuse permits; Building materials, construction machinery and tools; soil and crops for the planting of land; architects, structural engineers, construction companies, craftsmen, construction workers, auxiliary workers, gardeners, ...; Building insurances and other required insurances, ...

In addition to financial resources, support from volunteers, craftsmen, restorers, builders, artists, creative people, ... are required for all sorts of activities and in almost every season, so those who want to actively support this project with their craft are especially welcome here! More information can be found under the following link:

For the achievement of the set goals, every euro counts that can be earned or  saved! In order to achieve greatness for the benefit of all, we have to start very small on our own, with the highest discipline and maximum self-employment!

In deep love and devotion to this property and the arts,
your Pandora Michèle Lorenz



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